Insist on a Contract!

Dear Angela:

As a freelance writer with more than 20 years of experience, I am still surprised when companies are not willing to provide clear contracts for writers.

This is something that companies should view as a win-win situation to avoid any confusion or miscommunication, but instead many companies are unwilling to do it.

I was recently offered an online writing project, but the company refused to insert payment dates (it was a 3-month project) as per my request – which is standard for all writing contracts.

Unfortunately (for me) I was unwilling to accept the contract this way, and was surprised when their reply didn’t even consider my request.

I joined the writer’s union years ago because I had a bad contract, and ended up doing a lot of work for free.

Please make writers aware that, especially now with the Internet, a good contract will not only ensure that you get paid, but will protect your copyright.

Nobody should be working for free.

Thanks for all your great work!


Nina Flanagan