“I Have Had So Many Compliments On (my BookLocker.com book cover design)!!


Thanks for putting Twenty-One Steps of Courage at the front of the cover design examples. I have had so many compliments on that cover, and always refer any authors who ask about it to you (and Todd). Because we used a real Soldier on the front, readers often think the story is non-fiction. I love that! Their remarks validate my choice to make sure the novel was as factual as possible.

Sarah Bates

Twenty-One Steps of Courage

To have a son adopt his father’s dream as his own is rare. But that is exactly what Rod Strong does when in 2006 he enlists in the Army to join The Old Guard. Serving as a Sentinel at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington Cemetery is all his father ever wants, until he dies in the Gulf War. Now Rod decides to honor his father by taking his place. He forges ahead, naively believing sheer will and hard work are all he needs…