I Had The Only Professional Looking (Self-Published) Book

Dear Angela,

Yesterday, I participated in an authors event at our local central library in Merrillville, Indiana. Perhaps 20 authors were there. All, it appears, were self-published.

I had the only professional looking books and the only hard backs, which impressed most of the visitors.

I need your business cards to pass out! Honestly, I am not kidding. The author across from my table had her book printed by PublishAmerica. What a horror story! (She told me) just the mailing fee for 100 paperback books (not so good color work on cover) cost her $400. Mailing is $4 per book! No bulk mailing charge.

She is locked into a 7-year contract and was stunned when I told her that I get a check from BookLocker.com each month. In a year, she has never received a royalty check.

Again, I am so pleased with your wonderful service.

Leaving for Miami in two days to get my gold medal for Destiny Denied. One of the important judging points was the look of the book and the printing of the cover, which is due to your fine work.

Rosemary Gard

Set against the background of the beautiful Croatian countryside and its simple villages, DESTINY’S DOWRY is the story of a baby taken immediately after birth to a place she did not belong.

Stefan Vladeslav’s father announces his illegitimate son Ivan as an heir and Stefan’s mother is obsessed with the family’s monetary inheritance.
WINNER! GOLD MEDAL – Readers’ Favorite Book Awards – Cultural Fiction

EDITOR’S NOTE: You can read more about Publish America’s ridiculous per-book shipping fees HERE.