I Based My Character On My Elderly Client/Friend. Do I Really Need A Notarized Release? Yes!

Hi Angela,

This isn’t a question, but a further response to the Ask the Expert question about the notarized form for the elderly person.

I’m a Notary Public in Washington state. Two things come to mind in regard to the question of the notarized form. (Notaries are not allowed to give legal advice so this isn’t and I don’t. Winking smile.)

1) Notaries should not notarize a form for anyone they suspect may not be competent to sign the form. We do this by observing the person, their actions, talking to them and observing the person (your questioner?) getting them to sign the form.

2) Also, I don’t know in what state your questioner was located, but here in Washington we have traveling notaries who will go to your home, office, etc. (myself included) to notarize documents.

I hope these two suggestions will help clarify the issue for your questioner.

Barbara L. Workman,
Notary Public, Washington