How to Compile and Publish an Anthology – Part II

I know a young woman, daughter of a good friend, who entered a nursing school masters degree program many years ago. Evidently, as part of it, students must read a selection of writings by various academics (I think) who wrote significant articles, books, etc. on the history of nursing.

It was a big nuisance, copying from this and that library source. She instantly saw it as an idea for an anthology – pulled it all together, got the necessary permissions, did research/interviews, etc. for an updated bio of each contributor (some long dead) presented it to one of the Big Six publishers, and got a contract. Far as I know, that text anthology is STILL selling to generations of nursing grad students.

For years, anthologies were the only books I actually bought and kept on my diminished book shelves — One of “short novels” had both the root story for Bridge over the River Kwai and Third Man in it — such a treat to read that brief account of essence of a story and what it became filmed in the hands of master movie directors. I gave it to my 15-year-old grandson years ago, and I STILL miss reading through that wonderful anthology every five years or so.

Maggy Simony
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