How Much Are Writers Really Earning?


Just finished How Much Are Writers Really Earning?. I am so glad there is someone like you willing to post the truth behind these horrible sites. I’ve been a professional writer for well over ten years now, but I no longer seek out freelance gigs online because I would say 99% of the ones I find are exactly like the Examiner – a total joke (read between the lines, people). I can’t understand how anyone would in their right mind would write for pennies. These are probably the same people who wire money to Montana (a.k.a. Nigeria), keep all their 401k money in stocks, and hand over their winning lotto ticket to the sneaky clerk behind the counter so he can check the numbers (a.k.a. pocket the ticket), while they shop for goodies.

Also, I have stopped reading blogs, twitter pages, articles, etc. on the Internet unless the content from a reputable site like CNN, MSN, and even WritersWeekly. These Examiner writers are clogging the Web, along with Twitter, etc., with junk. I guess it’s nice because now I have my life back. When I log on to the Internet, I go to respected sites to get my news, read my email, and then I’m done. I no longer waste time reading all the extra fluff, like the stuff from Examiner (if these examiner writers admit to spending 20 minutes or less per article because they are trying to build up their portfolio, then the article can’t be worth crap, so why should people bother reading it if the writer doesn’t even care to put in the hard work to make it a worthwhile piece? Hello). Life is too short. It’s amazing that even after you posted the article on WritersWeekly, these so-called writers still stuck up for company.

Keep up the great work Angela. You are truly awesome! The work you do is making a difference. Thank you!



Hi Angela,

I was surprised at the number of people willing to defend, but I have to comment on something the writer referred to as Katrina said. She claims that the problem is new writers who “expect something for nothing.”

Excuse me, but writing articles for a website — helping to add content, drive traffic, and generate more ad revenue — is NOT nothing. It is a valuable professional service. To have a fellow writer suggest that what we do is worth nothing is possibly even more offensive than the $1.96 she earns per article.

Katharine S. Leppert



Your presentation of the issue was fair and representative of various opinions. That’s why I respect your site the most for information on writing controversies. You put it out there and now it’s up to writers to make the choice.




Thank you for your research and facts about Examiner. I have never written for them, wouldn’t even consider it, but what’s bothered me is their ‘dumbing down’ effect on the industry, and the sheer volume of writers who feel that working for pennies is what freelance writing is all about. Hopefully your piece will convince them to rethink working for Examiner and similar sites, and we can bring the standards of freelance writing back up to where they belong.

Again, thanks for all you do toward keeping freelancing a reputable and profitable business.