Have You Heard Of California’s Zip Book Program?

Hi, Angela –

I appreciated the advice from a librarian on how not to market your book to libraries. My favorite one was about not being overly aggressive in marketing your book to the library. I know that I have the opposite problem; however, now I know that this may be a good thing! I also liked the first suggestion of not demanding that the library buy your book.

In California, rural libraries have a ZIP Book program. For $1.00, you can request a book that your library does not have available. The book must be a published book that costs under $35.00. The library will then buy the book, and ship it to your home. When you are finished with the book, you return it to the library with a provided “gift slip,” fill out a survey on the book, and the book, if approved, will either become added to the library collection, or donated to the book shop.

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Editor’s Note:

This PDF file provides additional information about the Zip Books Program:



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