From a Content Mill Contributor – DON’T MISS THIS ONE!

From a Content Mill Contributor – DON’T MISS THIS ONE!

The letter below has not been edited by WritersWeekly.

Its interesting to watch the rumblings between “traditional freelance writers” and the “every woman” writer regarding “content mills”. And while I’ve just started to dabble with ehow writing, I’ve been very impressed at how 15 articles combined can earn $1.00 a day after one week. Yes I started during the later half of the first week of December. And I think what you and many other “traditional writers” who have appointed themselves the gatekeepers to all written information on the net are missing, is the fact that many “professional SEO writers” write content based on how people find information on the web. The trends are surprising when it comes to how people search on “loosing weight” (if you don’t believe me do some keyword research). And the writer who wants to capture that audience will optimize titles and content based on those misspellings.

SEO writing and bonifide freelance writing are two different bowels of cherries. “We” play in different sandboxes. And there are many “content mill” writers who write primarily based on keyword research and CPC. So that in fact is the quandary, writing for the way people search. Perhaps that should be your beef. Why Joe Smith has a “blatant disregard” for common spellings when he goes to perform a google search, rather than bashing a “writer” who understands that writing for “content mills” has very little to do with Strunk and White and the “Element of Style”.


I’m shocked that you think $7 for 15 articles is good pay. Even if it was 10 times that much, it would be too low.

The articles I mentioned in my piece did not have intentionally misspelled words. They contained numerous errors and they were supposedly edited by the content mill editors. Many of these places are dumping junk onto the Internet. None of those writers can honestly claim they made that many errors intentionally. I haven’t heard that one before and it made me laugh out loud.

I also noticed that you typed “bowels of cherries” instead of “bowls of cherries” and bonifide instead of bona fide. I’m not trying to be mean but I can tell you that the vast majority of emails I get from content mill contributors also contain numerous errors…and those emails, like yours, were obviously not written with SEO in mind.

Have a beautiful holiday,


This letter has also not been edited by WritersWeekly.

Thanks for catching the typo Angela. The “misspellings” was inside joke between me and another person I shared this with before sending. As I understand, you have crowned yourself the purveyor of quality internet writing. How in the world do you know that every single content mill writer has excluded SEO as a normal back-link practice?

You wouldn’t. This isn’t REALLY about preserving well written distribution of information on the net. Its about SELF preservation and a tad bit of envy. “Tad bit” being an understatement.

And you probably would think that my return (and $7 isn’t accurate) after one week is an awful return. But it took me less than 15 minutes to write each article at my current rate of views and CPC, I will earn thousands in residual every month. For the traditional writer who refuses to think outside of the box and further feels “invaded” that information has become much more accessible-it probably hurts. And I’d probably be just as salty as you and your writing. Your sarcasm is cute and typical though LOL.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Feel free to check for typos hun….


I figured you’d try to tell me your email typos were also intentional. I supposed this was intentional as well?

The “misspellings” was inside joke…

You’re the one who stated you earned $7 in one week. Fifteen articles at 15 minutes per article = 3.75 hours. I’m not sure how you think anyone would be envious of that. If you think you’re going to earn “thousands” per month in residuals, I feel very sorry for you. You should read this:

How Much Are Writers Really Earning?

and this

Writers Speak Up About and Similar “Pay Per Click” Services

It’s not my practice to repeat myself to people who are being taken advantage of. If you want to continue to write for insulting wages, I’m not going to argue with you so this will be my last email.

Again, have a wonderful holiday.




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