Fledgling Editors Who Don’t Pay Writers

Thank you for your article on non-paying writing publications. As a newsletter editor myself for over four years, I’ve managed to find the funds to pay the writers who contribute to my publications even when it put me financially in the red back in the beginning. I am ever amazed at how little writers pay writers. I keep a list of writing newsletters and websites that accept submissions, and I feel I’ve hit the jackpot when a publication pays more than $20. I am dumbfounded at what some of the major newsletters pay with editors bragging about their own successes. Thanks for preaching the mantra of “do not write for free.” (For your information…I pay writers $30 for 500-700 word articles.)

C. Hope Clark

Editor’s Note: Hope Clark isn’t the only one who’s noticed this trend. Read today’s Feature Article, To Pay or Not to Pay…Fellow Writers.