Dump That Content Mill and Get Your OWN Google Adsense Account!

The headline “Dump That Content Mill” jolted me into reality. I’ve been writing for (a content mill). Recently received my first (payment) for $32 and change. My posts had been spotty all of those months (38 in 7 months), yet it’s still surprising that it took so long to earn money.

(The content mill) makes their (contractors) jump through all kinds of hoops. I was in denial about how foolish it was to work so hard for so little pay. I’m a freelancer who writes a column for a community newspaper. The paper can’t afford to publish more often than every other week. I write one column that typically runs 600 words and earn $30.

To compound the damage, I added the (content mill’s) info to my LinkedIn and Facebook profiles. Additionally, I placed it on my resume. Thankfully, many of my friends and colleagues don’t know about content mills but prospective employers might.

Sorry this got so wordy but felt I had to share my experience. When I can afford cable Internet service, I plan to start a blog and use Google ads.