Don’t These People Know How Ridiculous They Sound?

Hi Angela…

You’re missin’ a bet here! You should publish a collection of the “Best of Whispers and Warnings” (Oh, you know, in your copious spare time, between lounging around eating chocolates and painting your toenails…) Something like, “Outrageous excuses, dumbfounding diatribes and puerile tirades from idiotic editors, publishers and other assorted (bleeps!) who lack any understanding of copyright law, business ethics and common sense, and who ought to crawl back under their rocks — as soon as they pay their bills!”

This latest clown, “Damon”, is a winner in any ROTFLMAO sweepstakes. Don’t these people know how ridiculous they sound?

I know that lots of your past W&W entries would provide true quality entertainment for writers, as well as for students of abnormal psychology and human idiocy in general. It’s so cute how these morons seem to ignore the basic rule of holes: When you’re in one, stop digging!

This writing biz is truly amazing: Pick up a rock and the darndest things crawl out!

You guys are superheroes — THANKS for all you do!!

Purrrrs… wac

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