Content Mill Complaints

Hi Angela,

I just signed up to write for (a content mill). I increased my writing skills over the past year and felt confident about working for them. I wrote one article. It was accepted the same day. Then I wrote another and was asked to rewrite. The whole article took me about three hours with research the first time. I rewrote it and sent it back. It was rejected, saying that my writing was not clear. I then wrote another one about the same time and it was also sent back for a rewrite and rejected after that. The only reason was that the steps I had listed were not good enough to help someone do what the title suggests.

I then tried to log on today and see if my bio was published. I can’t. It brings me to a page saying that my account is disabled. No notice at all. I sent a letter to the help desk asking why I could not log on. I read the terms of use and they are supposed to send a letter regarding termination unless they felt I violated certain policies. Well I don’t know of any policies I’ve violated so I don’t see what the problem is.

Anyway, I really felt bad for myself regarding my writing after receiving the rejections and then not being able to log in. I write for several other sites and clients with no problem. I certainly agree with many of the statements published in your article from the writers and readers. I am moving on to continue with my writing and learning. Your article helped me feel better and realize that I can find other clients instead of messing with (a content mill) for little pay.



Hi Angela,

I just wanted to thank you for reporting on what really goes on behind the doors of (a content mill). I have been writing for them since last July out of need for money, and am fully aware that the company is a scam and a rip-off. Sure, I am a little disgruntled at the moment as I did get put on probation without warning for writing titles that were similar in nature, but with completely different content. That said I had about $200 worth of work done prior to this probation that has now been published and they are refusing to pay me for it because of my status. Again, rip-off.

So, thank you for calling them out. I do wish more people would.