Comments From Our Readers – 11/15/18

Comments From Our Readers – 11/15/18

Comments From:  LOOK! I HAVE 2 KNEES ON ONE LEG!! My First Major Liveaboard Accident… 

Editor’s Note: Since this story has generated more comments than just about any other article we’ve posted, we’ve decided to throw Angela off her boat more often

Brian Whiddon – Managing Editor


My Goodness!! You don’t mess around do you! When you fall you do a bang-up good job of it! Seriously, I’m so sorry you got hurt. It’s not fun at all. Good that you have so many good people around you. I hope you heal quickly.

Hi Angela,

If you have not seen the Room you may not want to! It’s pretty intense! I liked Morocco, The Duchess, The Paradise, Julie and Julia, Alias Grace, Incoming, The Guernsey, and P.S. I Love You.
Hope you are back to good health very soon.

1) Glad you didn’t hit your head and fall in the water. That sentence made me think of Natalie Wood’s drowning. I was a fan.
2) I just recovered the full use of my right shoulder after two years (lifted light weights wrong at the gym). I’m so glad I didn’t consider surgery, but…patience, patience, patience.
3) I just watched Designated Survivor on Netflix. I liked many of the characters. Lots of snappy dialogue, fast action & Maggie Q! Also, in case any disabled females are reading this — some attractive guys, too. In the past year I have also enjoyed the following: The Killing, The Fall, Shetland & Bordertown.
Take care.

Thank you, Bradley!! Yes, I’m very happy I didn’t hit my head, either. And, I have had shoulder issues for 3 years now so I know that not using the arm at all is the only way it will heal. Makes typing a (bleep) though. 😉
By Angela Hoy





I FEEL for you, Angela. I am prone to mishaps and hope that you are back to TWO knees very soon!
BTW, your name is A.Hoy if you only use the initial for Angela….was boating in the stars for you?

Angela you really do have to stop acting like me. I would however like to know how you can do those things and not have half the town watching you like I manage to have?
Stay off those torn and abused parts for awhile and treat yourself with love and respect. Now if I could eat those words myself….

A slip and fall can happen so easily on a boat. I know people who have died after falls from their boats, although in their cases, there was alcohol involved. Bad combination.
Since you’re at a dock, you should consider some sort of stepladder arrangement for boarding. I see lots of us using one of those white two step affairs to board.
Glad you’re ok, and I plan to be more cautious when boarding my own boat from here on in after hearing of your fall.

Ouch! I hope you feel better soon. Here are some Netflix series that we like:
Lost in Space (their original series) – fairly family friendly
Daredevil and Jessica Jones – Good but on the violent side (and NOT family friendly, especially for young kids)

Hi Angela,
I hope you are better. I know what it feels to have pain when something goes wrong with our bones. I pulled a rib 4 weeks ago and it is still very painful. LYing down and resting keeps the mind wandering and dreaming up some poems.
I wish you to recover soon.
Barbara Sala

YIKES! Poor you! What a horrible accident. The injuries look quite painful. Interesting how we all worry about you every time there’s a storm in Florida, and you always ride those out with ease and humor. It sounds like you have an amazing, generous “neighborhood.” I must say that I did get a kick out of some of the comments. It seems whenever we have an injury, after the prerequisite: “Sorry about your accident,” there are always a good number of : “That reminds me of the time time when I…”
Take care and keep us all posted on your recovery.
Best wishes!!!
Pamela Allegretto
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