Blogs vs. Ezines

Regarding Angela’s statement: “Ezines Are Better Than Blogs: You Gotta Reach Out to Readers, Not Wait for Them to Remember You Exist”

Hi Angela,

Just a quick note about blogs vs. newsletters and people having to remember to come back. This is true, but one thing you can do on most blogs is install an email sign up from Feedburner. This sends your post to the subscriber’s email.

I’ve subscribed to a blog this way and I like that the post comes to my inbox. If someone uses (free version), there’s even a button that will do the install for you right on the Feedburner site once you set up an account (no cost). I even figured it out for the blog I’m going to launch shortly and I’m very much NOT tech-oriented. If by chance you aren’t familiar with this feature, you can see how I’ve set mine up if you’d like at

Some people also send a newsletter that simply has a few words with links to their blogs to help avoid the sp*am filters. This could also be an option for some as well who don’t have time to write a lot and do both.

Hope I’ve helped in some way. Have a great day.

Cheryl Pickett