Authors – Avoid Being Victimized by Bookstores

Authors – Avoid Being Victimized by Bookstores

Hi Angela-

Re: The item concerning marketing to bookstores in which you state:

“I recommend selling a few copies to a bookstore on consignment instead. I must warn you to not sell them more than a handful at a time because chances are most will be returned. One author reported a bookstore telling her all copies of her books were stolen. (They never paid her and I, of course, didn’t believe the bookstore was telling the truth.)”

I urge that authors selling to book stores:

1. Get paid up-front.

2. Give them written notice, with a copy duly endorsed by the store for the author’s files, that the Author will refund the price of any unsold copies returned in salable condition as determined by the author via prepaid shipment.

Some 10 years ago, my co-author and I provided some copies of one of his books on consignment to one small bookstore and one distributor. He has yet to receive payment or returned copies from the bookstore.

As to the distributor, another bookstore had recommended it to Eric and, when he mentioned he had difficulty collected the amount due despite repeated assurances to the contrary, the bookstore owner paid the invoice amount and told Eric no problem, she would deducted the amount from the next invoice she received from the distributor. It would not complain because she was a good customer.

After that, it was prepay only.

Harvey Randall, Author

A Reasonable Disciplinary Penalty Under the Circumstances

Layoff, Preferred Lists and Reinstatement (2014 Edition)

The Discipline Book (2014 Edition)

The General Municipal Law Section 207-a and 207-c Case Book