Another Complaint About Xlibris

Another Complaint About Xlibris

YES, I do have a complaint about Xlibris. Around Oct. 10-15, I received a call from Xlibris Publishing company. I agreed to pay for publishing at the price of $166.66 for three (3) months, plus 30.00 with the first payment. About two weeks had passed, then I got another call from the same person. This time with the marketing package. I told her then that I couldn’t afford the two together, and I wanted to get finished paying for the first part first. Then I was told that she would first check my bank account to see if the money was there, and if it wasn’t then she would not put the order through. But she did anyway and sent me into overdraft in less than ten (10) min. I called her back and told her that I wanted my money back from them and I was not going to be doing business with them. She sent that payment back, but held my first payment and told me that she would just in case I should change my mind about closing everything out. I’ve talked to her supervisor about this woman, he said he would see to it that I’d get my money back. I did not get my money back by the 13th of Nov. which was the due date for payment. But I said I wanted all business ended with them and on the 13th another payment was taken out of my account without my permission. I’ve been emailing and calling this person about my money which I have NOT yet received from these people and it’s almost Dec. 13th. And I want to join in on this lawsuit against this company ASAP.

– R.T.


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