Another Brave POD Publisher Tells Amazon How It’s Going Be!

I am a self-published author and owner of GungHo Pages, LLC, who recently signed on with Lightning Source POD services. I have been following the Amazon/BookSurge dilemma for a few months now, continually checking to see if my Buy Buttons are still intact. They are. So I am doing my best to keep myself up-to-date and carving out alternative avenues for distributing my books. I will stay with Amazon until they remove my Buy Button. But if and when they do, I will simply take my business elsewhere where it is more respected and appreciated…and perhaps post a few articles on the web about my not-so-positive experiences with the companies in question!

Signing out, ABCrane, author of The Tao of Mao: How Capitalist America and Communist China Paved the Way to Each Other