Letters and Comments for 09/28/17


Employees (Allegedly) Reveal Behind-the-Scenes Info. about CreateSpace, Xlibris, Author Solutions, Infinity Publishing, Lulu, and Outskirts Press

About this statement:
When BookLocker.com must reject a manuscript (we vet manuscripts for quality and salability), we must refer those authors to different P.O.D. firms.

Curious as to why BookLocker must refer to another POD?

– CJ James

In reply to CJ James.

Because we don’t want authors to mistakenly stumble into the clutches of one of those “other guys.” 🙂

By Angela Hoy – Publisher of WritersWeekly.com


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You are doing what I’ve always wanted to do – live on a boat!! I’m just glad that yours escaped damage from Irma! Love that you are doing something “different”!!

– Susan Kaplan-Williams

So how did your new home fare in the latest storms?

Trish Bowen

In reply to Trish Bowen.

She did GREAT! A lot better than many of the brick and mortar homes fared. Details are here:


Angela Hoy – Publisher of WritersWeekly.com

Fantastic! I have become fascinated with boat living lately, though it is at least a few years off for me. Am going over to yoir blog to follow!

– Robyn D


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  1. Nancy Larson  September 28, 2017 at 8:08 pm

    You need an editor. This week I signed a contract with Barbara McNichol, one of the editors mentioned on Angela’s list of service providers. I’m impressed with her edited sample pages, and I look forward to a tighter, better manuscript thanks to her sharp eyes.