SHAME ON THE OWNERS of Infinity Publishing / Fastpencil / Opyrus!!!

SHAME ON THE OWNERS of Infinity Publishing / Fastpencil / Opyrus!!!

ATTN: Owners of defunct Infinity Publishing and FastPencil, and the currently operational SHAME ON YOU for leaving your authors in a lurch like this! You could have VERY EASILY transferred those authors and files to another publisher. You could have even tried to sell or give away that part of your business to another, more responsible firm. Instead, you just gave your authors one month to get their files and you deserted them. You still have Internet access and you still own another website. How hard is it to simply reply to emails from authors who need their files? It’s NOT! We strongly recommend ALL authors and writers avoid your other business,

At WritersWeekly, we first start alerting authors to complaints about Infinity Publishing / Fast Pencil back in 2017. I wish more authors had read those complaints before crawling into bed with that company. 

We received two new emails from Infinity Publishing / FastPencil victims this week:


I just today learned that Infinity Publishing/Fastpencil is no longer in business. I have spent the last couple of days leaving messages on various answering machines with no calls returned. I did not receive any communication in October 2023 or earlier from those people regarding going out of business. I am currently revising (updating my book) and need the files and cover in order to do the update. Do you know of any way I can contact someone to get my files?


No response from fast pencil via their disappearing and reappearing website. I also tried their facebook page and no response there either. I only have a hard copy of book what can be done?


I recommend sending them a certified letter and threatening to contact their state’s attorney general if they don’t give you your files.

They ARE still in business. They just aren’t publishing books anymore. This is their website:

Whether you get your files or not, we’ll be happy to help you republish your book at BookLocker. And, we will give you our disgruntled author discounted price. You can contact me directly RIGHT HERE.



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