Author wants to leave Xlibris, and wants previous listings of his book removed but…

Author wants to leave Xlibris, and wants previous listings of his book removed but…

Q –

I cancelled my contract with Xlibris. Prior to that, Xlibris uploaded the cover of my book and I’m assuming its catalog to Amazon. I would like to make changes to my book and put it back out in a different format, but not with Xlibris. However Amazon now shows my book as available on-line, as it also does through Good Reads. I contacted Amazon and its representatives were unwilling–a couple years back—to take it off.

Do you have any suggestions ?

– J

A –

Amazon does not remove old book pages because they allow people to sell used copies on those pages.

For your new edition, I recommend using a different cover and, if possible, a different title so people won’t get confused about which one to buy when the new one is released.


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