Response to Best Seller Program / John Kremer Series of Articles

After we ran last week’s article, we received a record number of letters from readers. You can read some of those HERE.

John Kremer kind of responded to the allegations on Morris Rosenthal’s blog. You can read his response, along with more opinions about his practices HERE.

He also posted something that appears to be a rebuttal, but not really, HERE. In his post, he appears to be comparing himself and the Amazon Best Seller Programs to American Patriot soldiers and Robin Hood. Um, I’ll let you form your own opinion on his post. We found it offensive…and really weird (see the last sentence of his post).

Reader Tina Koenig informed WritersWeekly that on August 2nd, after I posted complaints about the lack of disclaimers on John Kremer’s site, he sent out an email advertising a publicity summit – and he included a disclaimer under the plug, admitting he was profiting from the referral. It’s about time, John! However, other endorsements on his site mentioned in last week’s article are still missing disclaimers.