COMPLAINTS about Xlibris

COMPLAINTS about Xlibris

We compete directly with Xlibris. When we reject a manuscript, we never refer those authors to Xlibris.

As many of you know, Xlibris is owned by Author Solutions, which owns many other firms as well. Author Solutions calls itself “The Most Trusted Name in Self-Publishing,” which we still find HILARIOUS!!!

Here are just a few quotes from the the NUMEROUS angry reviews posted about Xlibris at the links appearing further below. 

  • “They have put me through absolute h*** over this and it’s unfair. I want my money back.”
  • “Disappointment and dissatisfied is an understatement!”
  • “I could not begin to express how deeply upset I am.”
  • “If anyone is considering a class action lawsuit, please let me know. My phones calls have not accomplished anything.”
  • “It has been years years years! They have had so many excuses for why they haven’t made any progress.”
  • “Worst company ever.”
  • “After signing up, it was like crickets!”
  • “I definitely want to join in on a class action lawsuit!”
  • “Do not use Xlibris.”
  • “Horrific experience with this company”
  • “…as a whole they are an undeniably putrid avalanche of sewerage.”
  • “I have never received a dime from them, but they were constantly talking me into further attempts to earn money with them – by paying them MORE money…”
  • “He gave me a refund number but that has gotten me nowhere. I called many times but nothing has been done.”
  • “And my attorney sent Xlibris a demand letter with no reply which you can add to my cost…”
  • “I informed the Xlibris contacts that I had checked my bank transactions for both my accounts and found that I have paid Xlibris almost $20K for their projects on this book, and I was completely out of money at this point…”
  • “I was SHOCKED reading this, which only tells me I can’t trust Xlibris now, nor in the future regarding any of the many unsolved business packages I’ve paid for with them.”
  • “Since then I have communicated about my refund through calls and emails. Each time I am given the ‘Run – around’ passing me off with excuses.”
  • “I have made several calls and I have been told their refund person is not in or I just get shuffled around to other extensions. This is going on 2 months and I simply want my refund.”
  • “I feel harassed and absolutely annoyed with the consequences of doing business with this company.”
  • “I trusted them, but shouldn’t have.”
  • “They have kept royalties in the past, now they are threatening to keep all future royalties if I do not give them my bank account information.”
  • “I don’t trust them, they are anything but professional!”
  • “I will not use this company for my second book.”
  • “Xlibris is incompetent.”
  • “Very sorry that I invested so much with this company.”
  • “TERRIBLE SERVICE – I would give Xlibris less than 1 star.”
  • “Now I find it ironic that they are asking/calling /emailing me to publish a third one with them!! LOL not in a million years.”
  • “I paid hundreds for 2 book festivals! In 10 months my royalties are $29!!”
  • “They should be closed down.”
  • “I have written them and called them, and received no reply.”
  • “This is the latest of several issues with Xlibris.”
  • “Do not do business with them.”
  • “Every author needs to stay away from them.”

You may think, when you see all of the Author Solutions’ companies online, that they are separate. However, they’re all owned by the same firm. Some of them are:

Archway Publishing
Balboa Press
LifeRich Pubishing
Westbow Press
and more!

They have partnerships with other firms as well. I’ve always wondered why one company needed so many identities. Incidentally, Author Solutions has been sued twice by their authors – class action.

There is no shortage of complaints about Xlibris online and some of the comments are real eye-openers!!

BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU – 66 customer reviews with an average of 1.27 stars (out of 5) PLUS 197 complaints.

TRUSTPILOT.COM – 150 one-star reviews! Interestingly, TrustPilot is the logo Author Solutions uses on their homepage when they claim to be the “The Most Trusted Name in Self-Publishing.”


PISSEDCONSUMER.COM – 147 one-star reviews

YELP.COM – Numerous one-star reviews


The ALLIANCE OF INDEPENDENT AUTHORS has issued a “Watchdog Advisory” about Xlibris.


MORE LAWSUITS FILED AGAINST AUTHOR SOLUTIONS (skip past the ads at the top of that page)

Somebody even wrote a book about the AuthorHouse division at Author Solutions: THE AUTHORHOUSE SCAM

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