Creepy, Cozy Fog…

I love all things related to water. I’ve always felt a “need” to live near the water, but only moving water. I can’t live on a lake or a pond…

Praise For BookLocker

I thought you’d enjoy seeing this plus in an article I’ve just written for NWA.
Work hard to get your memoir published, if only as an e-book.
If you can find a publisher for your memoir, more power to you. The process can be arduous and, ultimately, unrewarding for you, especially if you are a first-time author. Of course, you can always bring your manuscript to your local printer and have copies made for your family. And, you can pay to have your book published and thus, become a self-published author. Be cautious if you opt for this route, however. There are many unscrupulous “vanity presses” out there.
One of the most reputable and economical is BookLocker. They will help convert your manuscript to an e-book format and will offer help with every step along the way for a very reasonable price.
BookLocker’s Publishing Packages
Berkeley Days: The Uncensored Memoirs of an Underground Journalist
Q&A – Should I Name Names in My Memoir?
Do Bar Fights Count? How To Write Your Military Stories

Tax Tips For Freelance Writers By William Pepe

In my 40-plus year career as an income tax preparer, all too often I would find that clients who were trying to earn money as self-employed, or as freelancers, but were not successful did not realize that they could deduct their expenses (losses) against their other income…

ANNOYING! Don’t Ask People to “Vote” For You Online! By Angela Hoy

An writer recently asked me to go to a website and “vote” for her. She wanted me to have our readers also click to vote for her, even asking me to post notices on Facebook and Twitter. I receive those types of requests all the time and, frankly, they’re insulting…

90+ DAYS OF PROMOTING YOUR BOOK ONLINE: Your Book’s Daily Marketing Plan

Just finished reading 90+ DAYS OF PROMOTING YOUR BOOK ONLINE. What great info.! I am not the marketing genius, but give me directions I can follow and turn me loose. Thanks for that book.
I have already started tweaking my keywords, working on my (book marketing) cheat sheet, and making little changes to my websites.
Why Are These Books Best Sellers?
One-Shot Book Marketing Does NOT WORK – But THIS DOES!
Print on Demand Price Comparison
How Many Book Sales Needed to Recoup Your Investment?
Building Block Book Marketing

How Can You Help Me Find Writing Work?

My name is (removed). I have an interest in writing, especially the commentary/opinions/short stories variety. I have been told by a friend that your organization could be helpful in getting some of my installments published.
Could you advise me how to proceed?

How To Proofread Better and Increase Your Sales! By Wendy Hobday Haugh

You’ve written a great article, and can’t wait to submit it. But hold on: Have you proofread it meticulously? Writers are most vulnerable to mistakes when in love with their work and, in this fast-paced world where briefly scanning text is commonplace (think emails), it’s easy to read quickly, and overlook details. So how can you proofread more effectively?

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