What Will CocoPuff Eat Next?!

In case you missed our pre-holiday issue, we adopted an adorable puppy, CocoPuff, who has taken over our hearts…and our lives. Her nickname is Coco.
As soon as she moved in, she started eating EVERYTHING…

BookLocker Offers Amazing Turn-around And Service!

Hi Angela,
I just wanted to thank you for the outstanding work that you and your team put forth in publishing Swagger at 60: Use the Tools of Mental Toughness to Serve and Succeed at Any Age.
I’ve worked with other publishers and none provided the amazing turn-around times and service that you provided. I regret ever having published with anyone else.
Thank you again for your terrific work!
Lee Witt
Swagger at 60: Use the Tools of Mental Toughness to Serve and Succeed at Any Age

Act Boldly! By Sue Carloni

Act Boldly! By Sue Carloni

A bit unsure of myself, it took an act of boldness to submit my first manuscript three decades ago. But, the article sold to the first magazine I sent it to, and has been reprinted many times…


Last week, we took a short trip to Orlando to unwind, and prepare for the holidays. While we were there, we found Santa and Mason sat on his lap for the very first time. He’d never wanted to do it before. Mason walked right up to him, sat on one knee, and swung his feet over Santa’s other knee…

90+ DAYS OF PROMOTING YOUR BOOK ONLINE: Your Book’s Daily Marketing Plan

Hi. Just wanted to let you know I featured your book 90+ Days of
Promoting Your Book Online
on my author’s blog. It was a saving grace resource tool for me
and I wanted to share its importance to new authors with my readers.
I also mention Abuzz Press and WritersWeekly.
It’s here:
Jennifer Deese
The Orchid Keeper (Abuzz Press)

Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone By Polly Tafrate

Several years ago, in the “Paying Market Section” of WritersWeekly.com, I noticed a German magazine seeking articles. I’d published one for our local paper about independently operated Saturday language schools, so called because they meet on Saturday mornings throughout the school year. I pitched them my idea, but narrowed my focus to German schools. In turn, they sent me a contract. Last year, another German magazine requested a similar version of this article. I freshened it up and it, too, was published…

Short Winter Trip!

I am almost completely ready for Christmas. I just have a bit more wrapping to do. So, it’ll be nice to take a small breather before all the Christmas company starts arriving in a couple of weeks…

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