No Pumpkins…But Lots of BEANS!!!

For those of you who’ve been reading for awhile, you know that we have, for years, had a family pumpkin growing contest. Now that we’re settled in Florida, and have a new garden, we have been very busy planting, watering, and watching the fruits of our efforts end up on our dinner plates.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear pumpkins are very fond of Florida summers…

Letters To The Editor For June 26th

This Week:

  • You Made (Self-Publishing) Easy and Fun
  • Won a Grab Bag Prize in the Spring 24-Hour Short Story Contest!

A Review of – Kris Gutknecht

Sometime between my 105th sent resume and 35th rejection letter as a freelancer, I’ve become a cynical, hate-filled spinster who doesn’t even have a cat to fill me with love. It’s a perfectly sensible attitude to adopt when you’re an unemployed writer looking for work on the Internet. I’ve been burned by an “employer” on Craigslist so, when I heard about oDesk from a friend, its double-checking system sounded pretty safe…

Whispers And Warnings For June 26th

Links to stories below are here:
Author Sues 2 Moon Press
“Company’s shutdown still being investigated by Marshall police.”
Kickstarter Apologizes for Book Project
“The offensive material was part of a draft for a ‘seduction guide’ that someone was using Kickstarter to publish.”
Psychic Wins Libel Lawsuit Against U.K. Tabloid
“The Daily Mail had called her a ‘charlatan’ in a 2011 article.”
Daily Mail in

It’s So Quiet in Here!!!

Max (11) and Mason (6) are attending a local summer day camp for two weeks. They’ve never been to a camp before and they are having a great time…

A TOUCHY SUBJECT: Conceited Authors…and their opposites – Angela Hoy

Writers are a funny bunch. It seems they either have very low self-esteem…or far too much of it. That’s probably true of workers in most professions but, since writing is such a personal matter, writers can appear to go to the extreme with these emotions. Unfortunately, these feelings can lead to some unattractive actions that can harm or even ruin a writer’s opportunities for success…

The Quarterly 24-Hour Short Story Contest is FUN!

Dear Angela,
It was fun to receive the update on the Spring Short Story contest, thank you. I read all 3 winning stories – great choices. Thank you for helping me get back into writing again. Since my debut in the last contest, I’ve tried to write a bit each day and hone my skills. I appreciate all the info you provide on your websites, too…helpful and inspiring.
Thanks again,

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