My Ugly Fish Was NOT a Puffer Fish!

Last week, I reported that two readers (one was a fisherman) said my ugly fish was a puffer or blow fish. However, another reader notified me that it’s a toad fish, and sent me a link. Sure enough…

Complaints about AuthorHouse, Complaints about Xlibris, Complaints about iUniverse, Complaints about Trafford, etc., etc. – Angela Hoy

Complaints about AuthorHouse, Complaints about Xlibris, Complaints about iUniverse, Complaints about Trafford, etc., etc.  – Angela Hoy

Earlier this month, Author Solutions was (finally) sued by a group of writers who are unhappy with their services. Author Solutions is the parent company of AuthorHouse, Xlibris, iUniverse, Trafford, WordClay, and other properties. The suit is seeking class-action status. At WritersWeekly, we have received numerous complaints from unhappy Author Solutions authors over the years. Each year, it seems to get worse…

Pleased With

Hi Angela, et. al.,
Got the shipment of books Thursday, and have already begun selling them. I was amazed at how quickly they arrived. I am very pleased with your process from the beginning to the present. Thank you for all of your assistance.
One very happy customer,
Laura Lander
Chapters From the Farmhouse Journal: Tales of Synchronicity and Grace
The encouraging and inspirational personal narrative of the process of decision, affirmation, and providence surrounding the life transition that is the event of a second divorce.

Traditional Publishers Have Let Me Down For The Last Time… – Tom Douglas

Traditional Publishers Have Let Me Down For The Last Time… – Tom Douglas

I started my book publishing career a dozen years ago at, which is not a traditional publisher. So successful was Some Sunny Day – an account of family life when my father returned from overseas after the Second World War – that it led to a multi-book contract with a traditional publisher.
And, that’s where the heartache began…

In Four Years, I Have Earned $30K in Writing Grants! – Elizabeth Creith

My first grant application was terrifying. I read and re-read the rules, afraid I’d miss something and be disqualified. In the post office, preparing to mail my application, I suddenly wondered if I’d left my name on the title sheets. The jurors weren’t to see any identifying information. I ripped open the package and found – horrors! – that I had. Fifteen minutes later, I mailed the application with new, anonymous title sheets. My hands shook for hours…

Whispers And Warnings For May 29th

Links to stories below are here:
Penguin agrees to $75M settlement in Apple iBooks price fixing lawsuit
“Book publisher Penguin announced on Wednesday it has reached a $75 million ‘comprehensive agreement’ with U.S. State Attorneys General and private class plaintiffs over e-book price fixing allegations connected to Apple and its iBookstore for iOS.”
Apple all alone in ebook scandal
“In less than a week, Apple could meet Connecticut and Texas in court to face allegations that the tech giant colluded to fix prices of electronic books.”
Defendants in 500G libel suit say Staten Island neighbor has it wrong
Couple posted sign about “pervert” in neighborhood videotaping their daughter but didn’t name the individual. They claim a different neighbor sued them for libel.
Daily News – Cleared of libel
“The powers that be over at the headquarters of the Inquirer and Daily News are surely breathing sighs of relief…”
Canada: Stacking the libel-law deck against plaintiffs
“Until recently, Canadian law offered few defences to most publishers. But that changed in 2009, when the Supreme Court of Canada released its decision in Grant v Torstar, which introduced into Canadian law the defence of ‘responsible communication in the public interest.'”
Links to stories above are here:

What WAS That Ugly Fish?!

Last week, I published a photo of a really ugly fish I’d caught at the pier. Two people reported back that it looks like a blow/puffer fish. After doing some research, I think they’re right…

Are Your ISP’s Spam Filters Harming Your Business?

Are Your ISP’s Spam Filters Harming Your Business?

It happened again today. I received a query from a freelance writer, and sent an acceptance email to her. Her ISP immediately kicked back an automated message saying my email to her was rejected as spam. The writer never received it because it was hard filtered by her ISP…

Is Your Best Client MIA? Don’t Panic! – Patrick Icasas

Many freelancers have that one client they love above all others. They’re the VIP that pays on time, the customer who doesn’t question his bill, the friend who gives you both steady work and the time of day. They’re the rock upon which your business is built.
When that rock disappears, negative thoughts start to run through your head. Anxiety starts creeping in, and your thoughts spiral down into panic. I know, because I’ve been there myself; and I can tell you this. Yes, your business can survive. And here’s how…

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