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The weather this week has been gorgeous!! I love being able to take my laptop outside to work while the boys play on the patio or catch sea slugs (ick!). There are no mosquitoes but there are many birds singing and flowers blooming. I talked to a friend in Maine who said it was below zero each night and I kinda felt sorry for her…

Does that “Fictitious” Email Address in Your Book Already Belong to Somebody Else?

Today, I noticed two email addresses for fictitious people in a novel I was formatting. They were very basic email address, too, and from gmail.com. So, I was certain they were already being used by someone. I was hoping it was the author himself who owned the email addresses.
I sent a note to the author and, sure enough, he had not registered those email addresses. They belonged to other people…people he did not know.

Writers Must Convey Professionalism, Regardless of Age

Writers Must Convey Professionalism, Regardless of Age

Your reply about the letters regarding the treatment of your query letter writer was perfect. No one is doing that person a favor by coddling him; how is he to learn even the fundamentals of writing if he’s allowed to skim on every basic? He is best positioned to gain by your direct answer, which was simply that: direct, and not unkind.
Good stuff,
Tom B.
Dear Angela,
Regarding your response to the presumably teenaged person writing to you using text acronyms: I think you were perfectly correct in your response. First of all, if this person has aspirations of becoming a writer, he/she needs to learn right now how to appropriately write to editors and how to write PERIOD. Plus, this person needs to learn how to communicate appropriately in general. Whatever profession this person goes into, he/she will need to communicate with colleagues and it will look bad if this is how he/she communicates.
Second, you are also correct in your assessment of the younger generation. These young people seem to think that they are entitled to whatever they want, when they want it. Well, it doesn’t work that way, and better that they find out before going into the working world, where they are surely in for a very rude awakening. Sometimes a kick in the pants is the kinder action.
(I truly hope that this person was a teenager. If that was an adult, we are all in really big trouble.)
Roberta Roberti

BEFORE YOU PAY TO PLAY: Ethical Book Promotion – Rachel Rueben

BEFORE YOU PAY TO PLAY: Ethical Book Promotion – Rachel Rueben

Today, authors can buy reviews and social media followers with the hopes of fooling a publisher or agent into believing they’re a hot commodity when, really, they’re not. In the online world it’s known as black hat SEO. It’s the process of artificially inflating web visibility either for social media accounts, websites, or blogs using unethical techniques. Now granted, places like Amazon or Facebook won’t throw you in the slammer. They will, however, ban your account…

Where are Paying Markets for Writers Archived?

First, thank you so much for your website. It’s proving invaluable as I embark on my journey to full-time freelance writer.
I have a question. How do I access the writer’s markets archives?
You gave details of a pet magazine a couple of weeks ago and I just want to have another look at it.

Changing the World with Your Writing – Lisa Evans

When I started in my freelance writing career, I was excited to do reviews of beauty products, write articles about how to organize your kitchen, the cheapest diet plans and foods to brighten your skin. While I felt a sense of pride seeing my byline on the somewhat superficial pages of slick magazines, I never imagined the power my words could have. After my father was diagnosed with cancer in 2007 and survived chemotherapy, a stem cell transplant and drug cocktail that left him depleted of energy and sullen – he was unable to walk down the street without falling short of breath. He decided to cycle 200 km in the Ride to Conquer Cancer – a fundraiser for the hospital that saved his life. He joined a local group of cyclists who trained together all summer and he crossed the finish line as the leader of the pack, pumping his fist in the air as only a survivor can. I wrote an article for a national cycling magazine on his team and relished in their excited faces as they poured over my words.
I realized my words held power, not only to inform women how to properly apply makeup to make their faces appear thinner, but to impact the lives of individuals like my father who struggle to defeat cancer…

Mountain Biking

Richard went mountain biking with a neighbor this week. I know what you’re thinking. Where is there a mountain in Florida?

Australian Author Happy with BookLocker

Dear Angela,
Happy New Year to you and the BookLocker team. A belated thank you to BookLocker for helping to get my second book out into the marketplace. You and your staff were patient and professional and I am very pleased with the end product. My book is now for sale all across the United States and Canada and even in Australia. That’s right, Australia. A friend from down under found listings for The Walker on the Cape on Angus and Robertson and Bookworld, the two largest booksellers in Australia. So thanks very much to all my BookLocker mates!!
Mike Martin
The Walker on the Cape, a Sgt. Windflower mystery

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