Ghost-Blogging: A Career for the 21st Century – Michelle Kulas

Ghost-Blogging: A Career for the 21st Century – Michelle Kulas

I have always loved writing. Even as a little girl, I knew that I wanted to be a writer. At the time, I knew that writers were people like Stephen King and Judy Blume, so I equated being a writer with writing novels. When I tell people today that I’m a freelance writer, they assume that I write novels or magazine articles (the latter of which I do occasionally), so when I mention that most of what I do is ghost-blogging, I usually need to follow up with an explanation.

Book Contests – Good Idea or Not?

I received an email from (an online book contest). It is for recognition. Is this kind of thing normal? The entry fee is $50 at this time.

A Serendipitous Path to Writing Success – Barbara Woodworth

Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects about my now long-time writing career is that I never set out to write. The fact that I, somewhat serendipitously, spent the past two decades writing and publishing well over 1,500 articles in more than 50 local, regional, national and international publications, still amazes me. As a student writing was never my forte. In middle school I dreaded the annual back-to-school assignment requiring a treatise on how I spent my summer vacation.

Whispers And Warnings For December 12th

Not “new” news but in the spirit of the season… – Disney Wins Dismissal of ‘Santa Paws’ Copyright Lawsuit
French president Franaois Hollande – Accused “of improper interference in a legal case” after he wrote to a Paris court backing a defamation suit (his girlfriend) brought against publishers and authors of a biography about her.
Charlie Hebdo, a French satirical weekly – Sued by two French Muslim groups for $1M for publishing Mohammad cartoons.

Ack! Only 3 Weeks Left!

My Christmas shopping is done but I haven’t wrapped even one gift yet. The boxes are just stacked up there in the corner, staring at me, day after day. I’m also starting to seriously doubt I’m going to finish the “Taj Mahal” (the gift I’ve been working on for my mom since April).

“I mingled with other self published authors…”

Dear BookLocker friends,
I was at the Miami International Book Fair this past week to receive my modest recognition for Destiny’s Dowry. While there we mingled with other self published authors. I must tell you that what I heard from the other authors and what they got for their money…I hit the jackpot with you (BookLocker). My son, Michael and I compared notes with authors and praised you as much as we could. It was sincere praise.
If I haven’t thanked you before, please allow me to do so now. You have a wonderful company and it appears a caring staff.
Thank you again,
Rosemary Gard
Destiny Denied
Destiny’s Dowry