Can I Get My Book’s Sales Info. Directly From Ingram? Nope.

I don’t think my publisher is reporting all my sales. Can I get this info. directly from Ingram?

Years ago, Ingram had an automated phone system where anyone could obtain the sales information for any book. Ingram removed this service, probably because, again, ANYBODY could obtain information on ANYBODY ELSE’S sales. The phone line was likely originally set up for publishers only but, once word got around, it was used by authors and publishers and some of those inquiries were likely people wanting their competitors’ sales numbers.

Ingram’s online system (ipage) also used to contain sales info. for each title. While publishers needed login info. to access it, once in, they could still access their competitors’ sales information.

Ingram has closed these loopholes, and now only provides sales data directly to the publisher of record for each book.


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