A Serendipitous Path to Writing Success – Barbara Woodworth

Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects about my now long-time writing career is that I never set out to write. The fact that I, somewhat serendipitously, spent the past two decades writing and publishing well over 1,500 articles in more than 50 local, regional, national and international publications, still amazes me. As a student writing was never my forte. In middle school I dreaded the annual back-to-school assignment requiring a treatise on how I spent my summer vacation.

So just how did I embark on a career as a freelance, non-fiction writer/journalist? First and foremost it was a transition. After my youngest child entered first grade I took a part-time job as a grant writer. Having been an elementary school teacher I was familiar with the educational system. When my first grant, a parent-pre-school child program, was funded I became the program administrator. In an effort to acquaint parents with this nationally recognized program, I wrote about it in Mother’s Lifeline, a then local parenting publication. Not only did my article generate interest – and enrollees