How NOT to Teach a Child to Swim!

How NOT to Teach a Child to Swim!

Today’s post is brutally honest. I hope, after reading this, you’ll understand my need to share our experience.
Did you ever make a parenting mistake so severe that it still makes you cry when you think about it? I made one such horrible mistake two weeks ago…

Should Authors Abandon Print Books For Ebooks Only? HECK NO!

An author of books already in print contacted me last week, saying she’s considering abandoning her print books because there has been so much in the news about ereaders and ebooks. I told her that would be a huge mistake…


Having a salesman call on a customer can cost hundreds of dollars in expenses. A long-distance phone sales call can be costly, too. But a prospect can be reached for about fifty cents through an ad in a trade magazine. In today’s business marketplace where businesses need to stay lean to stay competitive, effective business-to-business advertising is a must…

Paneling for Profit By Eric D. Goodman

Writers should consider paneling for profit. No, I’m not advocating a side job doing home improvements. Writers tend to be primed for discussion panels.