Last Saturday, I held fast to a pile of tissues while we sat the nosebleed section of the civic center, watching our two oldest children graduate from college…

POD SECRETS REVEALED: How Much Do POD Publishers Profit from Those “Distribution” Fees? Hmmm… – Angela Hoy, co-owner of BookLocker and

POD Publishers that use Ingram’s printing division to print their books incur a $12 annual fee for each title/ISBN. They call this their “Catalog Fee.” Ingram’s catalog fee provides: “Access to our worldwide distribution channels (the largest portfolio of wholesalers, distributors and booksellers worldwide).” Basically, this means they send out an automated feed to bookstores that includes all the available titles and it costs $12 per year to keep a book in their feed.
Most POD publishers pass this fee onto their authors but under a variety of names. While it’s common to mark up a fee a small bit for a variety of reasons (administrative costs, their own file hosting expenses, etc.), some POD publishers take “marking up” to a whole new level.


I’m getting upset with CreateSpace. The old saying, “One step forward, two steps back…” I saw where you have the disgruntled author’s discount. I’m there.
Thank you,
Yes, we’ve received plenty of complaints about CreateSpace (previously known as BookSurge) and there are many more posted online.
At, we have a “$149 Disgruntled Author Set-up Fee Special” for authors who want to move from another POD publisher. For more information, see:

8 Paying Health Markets By John Riddle

8 Paying Health Markets By John Riddle

In case you had not noticed, America is getting older. And while that might cause alarm for some people, for freelance writers, it is time to dance a jig. Why? Because with the so-called “graying of America,” the opportunity to write for health markets has “exploded, and reached an all time high.” And it will continue to grow and grow and grow…

10 Days of Rain

My mom, who lives in Texas, sent me a picture of her pond last week. It’s almost gone, looking more like a large mud puddle than a sanctuary for sweaty farm animals. It’s certainly not something their horses or even the local deer will be able to drink from much longer.
In Maine, we have quite the opposite problem. Farmers are worried their crops will be ruined by all the rain we’ve been having. Whenever the sun does manage to peek out, we rush the children outside for some much-needed fresh air and Vitamin D, knowing they’ll be stuck inside for days on end once another band of clouds approaches. The current forecast is another 10 days of rain…and the forecast only goes out that far so there could be more…

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