Avoiding Pay-Per-Click Meat Markets

Hi Angela,

I subscribe to your newsletter and find it very informative and helpful.

I recently received a “job offer” from Examiner.com through Monster.com. I was accepted but after looking at your articles about Examiner, I am leery. I am a new writer and want a platform. I know I am not going to make very much money in the beginning, but $2.50 per article sounds like a pittance in comparison to the time I would spend writing it. I am a perfectionist and always feel my writing needs improvement, so I take time with it.

Could you please give me advice on another avenue to take as a new writer? I want to get my writing out there, but I don’t want it to be on a “meat market” – as you put it – that degrades my work.

Respectable paying markets can be found here:

Also, please see:
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