Bright Yellow, Burnt Orange and Bleeding Red!

Fall is the time of year when we get the most visitors. Everybody wants to see the finest Fall foliage and Fall in Maine is magical in its beauty. For about 3 weeks each year, the colors are so amazingly crisp and bright that we feel like we’re living in a postcard…

DON’T Hire a Designer BEFORE Choosing a Publisher!

I agree that people should not pre-format their manuscript before sending it to a publisher. Most publishers’ websites have different suggestions and want the manuscript left justified with the right margin unformatted and ragged so they can read it. My manuscripts have been formatted that way since I read TOR fantasy’s requirements with like an inch all the way around each page. It cannot be accepted if it does not follow the publisher’s unformatted requirements. It is so much easier just to leave it unformatted for the publisher to read it and evaluate it.
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Shifting Gears By Susan Boerchers

With my freelance efforts at a record low, my family endured six months of tribulations in our new home, book-ended by my husband’s stay in the hospital just after moving in and mine several months later. If truth is stranger than fiction then the trials and major mishaps we underwent those first six months would make a blockbuster movie.
And so the freelancing went down to nothing and so did my morale…

Whispers And Warnings For September 29th

ANOTHER COMPLAINT about Ultimate MMA / Beckett Media – Writer alleges she’s owed $150.
30th COMPLAINT about Kim Kleeman / Shakespeare Squared / / The Shakespeare Squared Foundation – Writer alleges she’s owed $360.
SECOND COMPLAINT about Experiential Marketing Associates – /
Perry DeGregorio – Individual claims he’s owed $1200 and that he sued Perry DeGregorio in small claims court but that Mr. DeGregorio didn’t show up.
FOURTH COMPLAINT about ZSB Writers / / Stephanie Roberts / Steven Cox

DAY 15: Fine Dining With a 4-Year-Old

We were pretty hungry after a long day of tire trouble, repairs and driving and we could not WAIT to eat some really good food. The Turning Stone Casino in Verona, New York had quite an impressive list of restaurants to choose from.
When we walked into the casino, Max and Mason were in awe of the lights and the slot machines (which they were only permitted to ogle from a distance). Max was looking in wonder at the actual casino and said, “I wish I was 18!”…

DON’T Hire a Designer BEFORE Choosing a Publisher!

An increasing number of authors are approaching us with preformatted books and covers – files they paid someone else to design for them…before they even knew which publisher they were going to use and certainly long before they received any specs from their publisher/printer.
Why would an author agree to such an expense? It seems there’s a growing number of so-called “professional book designers” out there telling authors they must have their manuscript professionally formatted BEFORE submitting it to publishers.
This is similar to a dressmaker taking a phone order from a bride, making the dress, and getting the measurements later…

Freelancers Can Benefit by Using PR Consultant Resources By Laura Bell

Some writers tend to look down their nose at the PR side of the world of publishing. I can remember in journalism school how PR folks were referred to as flacks. The real truth is that journalists and PR consultants are really after the same thing…

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