A Movie Audition!

On Sunday, Max and I, along with Frank’s friend, Caleb, went to a movie audition. Pretty cool, huh? It’s for an indie film but they have quite a few speaking parts, along with the need for lots of extras. Filming is only during the summer and it won’t be a full-time thing so we thought…why not? I’ve auditioned for a TV reporter gig (got that years and years ago) and a high school musical (I got a non-speaking “Lady in Waiting” part and I got to sing…but not a solo) but I’ve never auditioned for a movie before. It was so much FUN!


Angela’s Hoy’s popular online class, now available in book format!
If you’ve always wanted to write your life story, but have a hard time recalling your memories, check out Angela’s memory triggers / autobiography book! (Works for biographers / ghostwriters, too!)
Excerpted from How to Remember, Write and Publish Your Life Story.
This excerpt may be reprinted/redistruted in its entirety as long as the entire excerpt, bio, and all featured links are included.

A memory trigger is one word that will bring forth not one, but several memories. The memory triggers featured in this book are going to evoke hundreds of memories from different years in your life. Memory triggers have
a way of spurring your brain to remember things you haven

When Weary Authors Say Their Book is “Good Enough”

All I can say is “AMEN!” Maybe it’s because I’ve been around for a l-o-n-g time, but like you I grow increasingly weary of lazy mistakes made by lazy/uneducated writers and so-called editors. Is it too much to ask for sentences that actually make sense? That aren’t riddled with typos?
It’s sad to think that the public doesn’t care anymore, and continues to consume the increasing amounts of cr** being offered. Freelancers will go on pumping out trash if that’s what the publishers want. (I recall coming across an ad once on one of the freelance job boards in which the buyer wanted a large number of 500-word articles that “don’t have to be good or even grammatically correct. They just have to be unique.” I began looking at giving up the keyboard and becoming a greeter at WalMart.)
As always, keep up the great work!
Jeff Adams
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When I sent my electronic manuscript to (a very large POD publisher) they added errors to it but they were common typing errors. That is what I find that is erroneous with some editors that re-type the manuscript when they do not have to and like (that large POD publisher), add errors and delete sentences that were not deleted before just to get me to pay to have the book edited. What happened is that I was blamed for those errors afterwards by some that read some if it, but not all of it. A suggestion that helped me out nine years ago, which I follow completely now, is no matter what you write, even email, edit it. Those things that do not seem important will plague the rest of your writing.
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Could You Be a Freelance Translator? By Aline Lechaye

Are you bilingual, or perhaps trilingual? Maybe you lived or studied abroad. Maybe you were raised bilingual. Whatever the reason, do you consider yourself fluent in your various languages? Can you jump easily from one to the other? If the answer to those two questions is yes, then you might be able to become a translator.

Happy Birthday, Mason!

It seems like just yesterday that Mason, our youngest (and last!), was born after we fought for the right to have a Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC). Then, the doctor told us 12 days later, after several days of rapid breathing, that Mason might have a congenital heart defect, and may “expire” at any moment. We got a miracle that day!

When Weary Authors Say Their Book is “Good Enough”

Increasing numbers of authors are putting books on the market with errors these days. Perhaps all the errors on the Internet are making people feel more lax about typos and grammatical and punctuation errors. Heck, we even frequently see typos on the major news stations’ news trailers on the screen. Don’t even get me started on the major news websites. However, just because ‘everybody is doing it’ doesn’t make it acceptable for an author to follow suit with their book.

Dump That Content Mill and Get Your OWN Google Adsense Account!

The headline “Dump That Content Mill” jolted me into reality. I’ve been writing for (a content mill). Recently received my first (payment) for $32 and change. My posts had been spotty all of those months (38 in 7 months), yet it’s still surprising that it took so long to earn money.
(The content mill) makes their (contractors) jump through all kinds of hoops. I was in denial about how foolish it was to work so hard for so little pay. I’m a freelancer who writes a column for a community newspaper. The paper can’t afford to publish more often than every other week. I write one column that typically runs 600 words and earn $30.
To compound the damage, I added the (content mill’s) info to my LinkedIn and Facebook profiles. Additionally, I placed it on my resume. Thankfully, many of my friends and colleagues don’t know about content mills but prospective employers might.
Sorry this got so wordy but felt I had to share my experience. When I can afford cable Internet service, I plan to start a blog and use Google ads.

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