A Movie Audition!

On Sunday, Max and I, along with Frank’s friend, Caleb, went to a movie audition. Pretty cool, huh? It’s for an indie film but they have quite a few speaking parts, along with the need for lots of extras. Filming is only during the summer and it won’t be a full-time thing so we thought…why not? I’ve auditioned for a TV reporter gig (got that years and years ago) and a high school musical (I got a non-speaking “Lady in Waiting” part and I got to sing…but not a solo) but I’ve never auditioned for a movie before. It was so much FUN!

There were quite a few people there and some had driven in from out of state so we were up against professionals. However, we didn’t let that distract or worry us. Everybody was really nice. I’d created some resumes for all three of us in Photoshop that morning that featured more photos than text, including black and white head-shots. When the casting people were coming into the waiting room and handing out scripts, they’d look everybody up and down before giving them one. I kinda felt like a piece of meat when they did that and, after the casting people went back into their room, I said so out loud. Everybody else nodded their heads, laughing, and agreed.

It was a great experience for Max. He did super and didn’t get nervous or freeze up at all. They said, “Excellent job!”

I didn’t get nervous or freeze up either but I don’t think I did so well because I got an “Excellent job” as well. Ha ha. I’m pretty sure that’s what they said to all the people who they knew they weren’t going to hire. Why do I think that? Because,
Caleb came out grinning really big. They told him, “You are FANTASTIC!”

So, while Max and I probably won’t get speaking parts, we think Caleb has a darned good shot at it! 🙂

This week’s Maxism:

“What does outer space smell like?”

Hugs to all!


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