Boy, oh boy, oh boy! In just three days, it’ll be my favorite holiday of the year! My mom is arriving this weekend and I’m so excited because she’s never experienced a real, storybook New England Halloween – blowing leaves, frigid wind, gobs of people and the entire neighborhood going waaaay overboard with the decorations. It is AWESOME!!!
I’ve been very busy creating horror babies over the past few weeks. What’s that, you ask? Well, here’s a sampling. WARNING – THESE PHOTOS MAY OFFEND SOME FOLKS, INCLUDING YOUNG CHILDREN. (Heh…)

Out With Old Publishing, In With The New By Nick Usborne

What we are witnessing today is the most dramatic fragmentation of the publishing industry to occur within the last 500 years. And when established industries fall apart, something has to rise out of the ashes. Both nature and business abhor a vacuum. As traditional publishing falls apart, a vacuum is being created. People still want to know the news, and they still want to find out how to get hold of a squirrel-proof bird feeder.

A Free Article Site Published MY Article Without Permission!

Last week, one of the people quoted in my story emailed me to let me know that someone else had taken my story, revised it a bit, and posted it on one of those free article websites, under his own name. I emailed the site to complain and a few days later they sent a message that the story had been removed. However, they simply moved it to another page on their website! This is probably the most blatant example of plagiarism I’ve ever seen.

Do I Need A Model Release From Relatives?

Do I Need A Model Release From Relatives?

Do I need a model release form if I use a picture of my granddaughter on the cover of my book? I’m the one who took the photograph.

Witness to Romance…

Our friends, Scott and Kelly, flew in to visit us for the weekend. On Saturday, we drove to the top of Cadillac Mountain. The boys had to visit the bathroom so Scott said they’d meet us at the top. We helped the boys, and then walked the short distance to the summit. Scott and Kelly weren’t there. I scanned the horizon and saw them way over on another walkway, overlooking Bar Harbor. Then, I saw Kelly jump into Scott’s arms and kiss him. I said, “Oh, look! They’re hugging and kissing!”
Richard replied, “He just asked her to be his wife.”

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