Building My Own Outhouse…with Curtains and a Flower Box – Whoo hoo!

We had our worst storm of this Winter season on Sunday and Monday. We received 16.2 inches of snow and more than 100,000 homes lost power (we didn’t). It took Richard, Frank and Ali quite some time to clear the driveway and sidewalk. We’ve been looking at the mounds of snow here, that just keep getting deeper by the week, and we’re wondering how bad the Spring thaw and subsequent floods might be. We never flood as we’re right on the river and about 40-50 feet up. But, when we have lots of snow during the winter, other people’s homes do flood here. We’re supposed to get more snow on Friday and even more late next week.

What Recession?! Plenty of Freelance Jobs for Writers! By Angela Hoy

Gads, if I receive one more query letter from a writer on how writers can survive a bad economy, I’m going to scream. I believe a lot of what is happening is caused by panic. What better way to incite panic than to help the rest of the yell-fire-in-the-theater journalists by publishing yet another article on the bad economy?

Cons and Scams. Oh Me, Oh My! By Karen Carver

When people are desperate for money they’re more likely than ever to “try anything”…to “take a chance.” That’s when they become ripe prey for con or scam artists.

The Squawking Bird Gets the First Payment!

A publishing firm owes me payment for a British-English copy edit completed in late August. On 23 September 2008 I sent an invoice for an American-English copy edit. Those are the only jobs I’ve done for the firm…

You Can Never Be Too Protective When Children Are Playing Outside

As I type this, we are in traffic, somewhere in New Jersey on Route 1, heading north. We’ll be on the interstate soon and Richard will want to stop and fill up the tank before we drive through New York City (well, around the city…but it’s hairy all the same). If we were in the RV, we’d go out of our way, WAY out of our way, to avoid that traffic. But, it’s not too bad in the truck. Last night, we slept in Princeton, New Jersey, after driving through the town and have a very nice dinner there.

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