Looking for Green Grass! Where is it?!

We did it! We escaped Bangor for a week, heading south to my sister’s house to meet our sweet little nephew for the first time. As I’m typing this, we’re racing south on I-95. There’s tons of snow on the ground so we’ll be looking for the drifts to get smaller and smaller, the further south we get. It is supposed to be in the upper 60’s at my sister’s when we’re there so we all packed shorts. You think I’m kidding? This time of year, we think anything above freezing is a warm front!

Max woke up with the croup the other night. For some reason, I thought, at age seven, he was past the croup stage. I guess I was wrong. Yesterday afternoon, I felt that familiar tickle in my throat and, by bedtime, it hurt like heck to breathe, much less swallow. This morning, Mason woke up sounding like a dog barking so tonight should be interesting. We brought the vaporizer along for the hotel room, along with the children’s Motrin.

Max and Mason are in their car seats, enjoying themselves immensely. Mason is watching a DVD and Max is drawing in his sketch book…and was kind enough to give me a new Maxism just now!

This Week’s Maxism:

“I can’t draw the trees! The truck is moving too fast!”


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