Surprise Baby Shower and…103 Fever

Last Wednesday, after the new GI said he thought I had antibiotic induced diarrhea and gave me new meds (not antibiotics!), we decided to jump in the truck and race to Virginia, praying we’d get there in time for the big surprise.

Letters To The Editor For July 30th

This Week:

  • Road Hazard or Litter?
  • All Editors Should Pay Immediately On Acceptance!
  • When Snobby Authors Pretend to Be Traditionally Published

I Got Scammed, Legally, by a Writing Website By Karen Carver

Most of us using the internet know the ins and outs of getting scammed. I’ve used desktop computers since they first became available and the internet since its birthing days with bulletin boards. So I’m very aware. Unfortunately for me, I just got caught in my first – and hopefully last – snare. It will probably cost me $50 after visiting a site for at-home freelance writers.

Take a Chance By Doreen Rosevold

Thirty two years ago, I packed my two babies into the car, drove to a local small town newspaper office and handed over an envelope addressed to the editor. It was a day that changed my life and the lives of my family. It was the day I became a writer.

Writer’s First Hate Mail

I just wanted to let you both know that July must be “attack a writer month” as I experienced my first “hate posts” last week.
It came out of the blue for me, too. I

When Snobby Authors Pretend to Be Traditionally Published By Forthcoming Fred

I belong to a very active writer’s association that oversees and sponsors a number of writing groups and workshops in the area. My involvement in the local group has been limited in recent months, only attending meetings when a guest speaker visits to discuss a topic of specific interest to me. This may sound a bit selfish, but I prefer to avoid a handful of pompous, published blowhards whenever possible. Recently I discovered a little secret about a pair of these folks that could send both of them rushing off to therapy, but no names or associations will be mentioned.

Unsolicited Promotional Email Plan

I received a call from (a certain POD company) today asking me to participate in a promotional email plan for my book. The web address they sent me to look up specifics of the plan is (link removed).
What do you think?

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