Unsolicited Promotional Email Plan

Dear Angela,

I received a call from (a certain POD company) today asking me to participate in a promotional email plan for my book. The web address they sent me to look up specifics of the plan is (link removed).

What do you think?

Warmest regards,


First, (that POD company) is more interested in how much money they can get out of authors than how many books you sell.

Second, their prices are too high.

Third, email marketing campaigns are spam. They may say it’s an “opt-in” list but my address and millions of others are added to these so-called opt-in lists all the time, which are then bought and sold by spammers. I, too, have received spam from the company you mentioned.

We never endorse these types of email marketing campaigns because they always result in spam complaints and harmed reputations.

That POD publisher must be pretty desperate if they’re calling authors of other POD publishers.

If their authors were really selling impressive number’s of books with their email promotion campaigns, they’d be offering those to their authors for free…don’t ya think?

We’re currently working on a book about online book marketing and it will be given away for free to all Booklocker.com POD authors…because we know what sells their books makes them money AND makes us money.