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Last week, I reported that I was diagnosed with Diverticulitis after almost a month of pain…and other symptoms that you really don’t want me to post here. Some of you wrote in that it’s a good thing I wasn’t diagnosed with diverticulosis. Unfortunately, I was. I didn’t post that last week because I was in a rush.

Media Kits: Perusing for Profit By Christine Venzon

As writers, we naturally check a market’s writer’s guidelines before submitting material. And they usually answer all our questions regarding content, story length, and (ahem) payment. But not every publication is so kind as to share its guidelines on its website, or even for the asking. Even when it does, you may need more information to fine-tune a query or decide between one market and another. It could even be a new venue, without a stack of back issues or archives to read as market research.
Writers are members of the media. Why not check the publication’s media kit?

Whispers And Warnings For June 25th

This Week:

I Have A Diagnosis!

I am writing this quickly because Richard is trying to get the issue out. Wanted to wait until after my Colonoscopy today (it was actually a Sigmoidostopy) to post this. After three weeks of frantic worrying, I finally have a diagnosis. I have diverticulitis. It requires a bit of a lifestyle change (different diet) but I can live with anything that isn’t life-threatening. So, we’re feeling very, very blessed today. Thanks sooooo much for all the well wishes and prayers!!! 🙂
This Week’s Maxism:
“All skulls are bald.”
Hugs to all!
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How Much Should You Spend To Publish Your Book?

Lots of authors are turned on by the bells and whistles offered by some of the POD publishers. They seem to think if they just buy this, that, or the other, their book will be a success. Before they know it, they’ve spent several hundred to several thousand dollars…

Letters To The Editor For June 18th

This Week:

  • How Many Bookmarks and Personalized Pencils Make a Best Seller? None!!
  • The Amazon / BookSurge Lawsuit

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