Funny and Kind Authors, Pregnancy, and Headin’ North!

This week:
Dinner with author Jimmy Moore (Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb) and his hilarious wife, Christine!
Dinner with author Bill Henderson (Cancer-Free — Your Guide to Gentle, Non-toxic Healing),
one of the most loving and gentle souls we’ve ever met. 🙂
Memorial Day Weekend with my sister and her hubby, a Marine.
And I, um, hit a tree with the RV… I said oops. Richard said something a bit louder. 😉

Privacy – Be Careful What You Write!

I am a faithful reader of your articles. Rarely am I moved to respond to one, but “Writing as Healing” struck a nerve with me. Be very very careful with this regarding who may read it.
Long story made much shorter as explanation. As a child I suffered from having an alcoholic mother. My only outlet was keeping a diary where I vented. Mother read it and retaliated. At the age of 15, I ran away from home, never to return. Fortunately, my older sister let me stay with them. Who knows what my life would have been like otherwise?
I am now 60 and this is something I do not talk about, or even think about very often, but perhaps it may be worth mentioning to warn others.

Follow the Money By Shaunna Privratsky

Do you want your writing career to flourish? Then follow the money. This may sound shocking to the purists out there that believe writing is solely a creative expression. Yes; writing should fill you with joy and fulfillment. Yet I know we all believe in being rewarded for hard work and commitment….

Are You Afraid of Ebook Pirates? Don’t Be!

One of the concerns I had about ebook versus printed book is that someone who wants to use my book in a seminar can pay $8.95, print it out, and then make 100 copies to pass out instead of buying 100 books to use in the seminar. Is there any way to prevent that or are we at the mercy of whoever downloads my book? I would rather have someone buy many books instead of just paying a single price and copying.

Keep Books in Your Car! By Mel Menzies

When I’m not writing, my husband Paul and I job-share: he does all the work and I take half the salary. But please don’t tell the taxman! (Only joking). As a bonus, I also get to enjoy the perks…

Author! Author!!

We’ve had quite a busy week on the road! On Wednesday and Thursday, the RV was in for repairs at LazyDays in Seffner, Florida. LazyDays provides RVers with just about everything they need while their rig is being repaired, including a large waiting area that features Starbucks coffee, toys for the children, a special area for pet owners, and free breakfast and lunch.
As soon as we checked in for repairs, an RV salesman magically appeared, asking if we’d like to look at new RVs…

BookLocker Files Class Action Lawsuit Against By Angela Hoy

This article appeared in Monday’s Special Edition of You may reprint this article or quote from it at your discretion. You can read/post comments here: has filed a class action lawsuit against in response to Amazon’s recent attempts to force all publishers using Print on Demand (POD) technology to pay Amazon to print their books.

Invasion of Privacy vs. Libel

Hi Angela:
Just off the cuff, I think there’s more to this issue.
I believe privacy laws vary from state to state, and in any case there may be defenses against these sorts of action. With libel, I know, if statements are accurate that is a legal defense.
Newspapers and TV news would be out of business if these sort of privacy claims were valid. Admittedly they have bigger legal funds than the average author.
Still, it would undermine the intent and credibility of memoirs if personal information of the kind you mention had to be changed in a radical way. I’m all for being sensitive to people’s feelings, and perhaps changing or omitting names in exceptional circumstances (having alerted the reader to that alteration). But for a father to delete references to children and grandchildren seems to go too far.
As I say, these are spontaneous thoughts, offered without benefit of research.
Andrew Means

How to Cash in on Crafts By Ruth Schiffmann

Down time, we all have it, whether it’s a lull between major projects or the quiet before a creative storm. The next time that eerie silence stalls your productivity, turn your energies in a new direction and get ready for the winds of creativity to start blowing. While selling your original craft ideas won’t land you in a monetary windfall, with a small investment of time you can punch out a project with the potential for a nifty little return.

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