Miracles Really DO Happen!

A few weeks ago, I posted a sad note about my friend, “G”, who, at the age of 41, had a heart attack, suffered subsequent “severe brain damage” and was on life support.
At that time, lots of my dear readers/friends out there sent notes of hope and prayers from all over the world. One friend even went to St. Patrick’s Cathedral and lit candles for G. Another friend added G to her child’s private school’s morning prayers. Another friend posted G’s story on her blog to ask for more prayers from more people. And another friend of a friend was praying for G all the way over in Israel. Even more friends added G to their church prayers, their prayer chains, and even their family dinner prayer-time. So many of you were praying for G! Well, I wanted to give you an update…

Blogs vs. Ezines

Regarding Angela’s statement: “Ezines Are Better Than Blogs: You Gotta Reach Out to Readers, Not Wait for Them to Remember You Exist”
Hi Angela,
Just a quick note about blogs vs. newsletters and people having to remember to come back. This is true, but one thing you can do on most blogs is install an email sign up from Feedburner. This sends your post to the subscriber’s email.
I’ve subscribed to a blog this way and I like that the post comes to my inbox. If someone uses Blogger.com (free version), there’s even a button that will do the install for you right on the Feedburner site once you set up an account (no cost). I even figured it out for the blog I’m going to launch shortly and I’m very much NOT tech-oriented. If by chance you aren’t familiar with this feature, you can see how I’ve set mine up if you’d like at http://www.publishinganswers.blogspot.com.
Some people also send a newsletter that simply has a few words with links to their blogs to help avoid the sp*am filters. This could also be an option for some as well who don’t have time to write a lot and do both.
Hope I’ve helped in some way. Have a great day.
Cheryl Pickett

Book Rentals?

I found a new website that rents books to people by mail. They have my book listed on their site but my publisher says they never ordered a copy. Do you know what’s going on?

Don’t Sell Your Work Short By Chryselle D’Silva Dias

One of the first stories I wrote on the road becoming a ‘serious’ freelancer was comparing train travel between London and India. It was a subject close to my heart and the words flowed. Delighted with the end result, I pitched the essay to an ‘about-to-be-launched’ magazine in London. They loved the idea and accepted it for the inaugural issue.

First Formal Dance. Awweeee….

Ali and Frank had their first formal dance last weekend. Ali (age 17) went with her boyfriend and Frank (age 15) went with Ali’s best friend, who just happens to be a senior. Now, don’t worry. There is no romance there. They just went as friends. The boys looked quite spiffy in their tuxedos and the girls looked so beautiful.


This week, we’re going to start a new series on successfully marketing your book online. If you have any unique or lucrative online marketing ideas to share, please send them along to me at: angela – at – writersweekly.com
There once was a pencil maker named Peter who puttered around popping out pretty pencils from his place in Pennsylvania. After many months of hard work, he finally finished his first box of pencils and Peter the Pencil Pusher was now enthusiastically pushing those pencils on local store owners and some online stores as well. Peter finally managed to get the local pencil store to carry his box of pencils. He went in there, week after week, but his pretty pencils were still there on the shelf, gathering dust, surrounded by thousands, perhaps millions, of other people’s pencils. Nobody bought his pencils! Peter didn’t understand! His pencils were so special! Why didn’t anybody pick up and pay for his pretty pencils?
Peter also listed his box of pretty pencils for sale on the biggest online pencil store in the world…

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