Thanks bunches for your prayers!

I wanted to thank everybody who wrote in with wise and loving messages about my friend, G. I appreciate the prayers most of all! They really do help.
G’s family is going to remove her from the respirator this week. I am feeling better. I’ve made peace with the situation and I am now fondly remembering G’s love and the special gifts she gave to all of us during her special lifetime.


Angela’s column will return after the holidays.


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Breaking into Business Magazines and Newspapers By John K. Borchardt

How can you improve your chances breaking into highly competitive national business publications such as “Fortune,” “Forbes” and “Business Week”? These magazines require their freelancers to have business writing experience. How can you get those all-important business article clips to persuade national business magazine editors to give you an assignment? Writing for local and regional business publications can enable you to get these precious clips and the needed experience.

Why Isn’t My Book Selling?!?!

I can’t understand why my book is not selling? Amazon, Borders, Barnes & Noble,, etc. advertise the book, as I do on my website. It’s been online for two years now. Why isn’t it selling?!
Many authors make the mistaken assumption that putting a book online means people will actually see it and that this will automatically translate into sales. Since there are so many websites, and so many online bookstores, and so many books in those bookstores, nobody can expect sales from just putting a book online.
Marketing a book online should be considered at least a part-time endeavor. The authors who are really successful are the ones who make marketing their books a full-time job. You have to get online daily and spread the word, through an ezine (an ezine is more effective than a blog because you contact your readers directly; you don’t wait for them to come back and visit your site whenever they happen to remember you’re there), through networking, through requesting links on other websites, through offering excerpts for other websites and online publications to run, and through participating in online discussions about your book’s topic/your book.
Assuming that simply having a book page on Amazon will mean you’re going to start making money on your book is probably one of the most common misconceptions I hear from newbie authors. Nobody is going to know about your book until you start telling them about your book.


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Sometimes It Takes a Tragedy to Remember What’s Important in Life…

Things have been incredibly stressful here lately. Did I buy everything I was supposed to? Are all the books that MUST be done by Christmas formatted and uploaded to the printer? Did Frank remember to turn on the outdoor Christmas lights tonight? Is the baking on schedule? Who’s going to shovel that half inch of snow and ice off the front steps in the morning? Did I just hear Max say he has a sore throat? Did Zach remember to ship the packages to the grandparents yesterday? Shouldn’t Ali be home from basketball practice by now??


Angela is sad about her friend and just can’t muster any wit or wisdom this week. We hope you understand. Her column will return after the holidays.

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