My Super Cool New Notepad

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about Gene Papin (, who creates neat stuff out of wood. I was especially impressed by his beautiful wooden pens. Well, last week, a nifty package arrived in the mail and I was thrilled to open it and find a notepad that Gene had made with one of his saws. He “engraved” it with my initials and a smiley face with his saw, going all the way through every piece of paper – the entire pad…

Letters To The Editor For April 25th

This week:

  • Selling Books at Book Fairs?
  • Angela’s Memory Triggers/Autobiography Class
  • Don’t Buy Window Vista! You will be sorry!!

Am I Too Old To Write? By Cathy Kaufman

Recently, I attempted to pursue something that has always been important to me…writing. I applied for a freelance job that I actually had quite a bit of knowledge in, but because I had not freelanced before, it was decided I wouldn

Add a Contingency Clause to Your Freelance Contract

It’s interesting that I read last week about having a contingency clause in a pays-on-publication contract because I signed one of those about six weeks ago without that kind of clause. I suppose I naively assumed the article would be published sooner than this fall.

Narrow Your Focus Before Pitching Your Book By Christina Katz

If there is one key piece of advice my editor, Jane Friedman from Writer’s Digest Books, has for writers with a non-fiction book idea, it’s the importance of narrowing a book’s focus before submitting a query. Seven years ago, I didn’t know that I needed to start the nonfiction book pitching process with a simple, narrowly focused query. I made things much more difficult for myself by trying to write the whole book first and then trying to sell it, lack of focus and all.


Lucky Ali (age 16) is in Florida for a 10-day Spring Break trip. She went with a friend and the friend’s family. They have visited Epcot, Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World, and a few other places. Ali will probably sleep for a week when she returns. She’s having a fabulous time and, while she says she misses her mommy, I know she’s lying.

Technology Steals Three Days From Me By Angela Hoy

I’ve chosen to whine long and loud this week about what happened to me last week. My laptop has had an electrical short for the past few weeks. The plug in the back would jiggle loose and I’d lose power. It also sucked the life out of two batteries. Sure, I had every intention of taking it in. But, as long as I could keep jiggling it back into working mode, I figured I could just put it off. Well, on Friday, it died for good. Luckily, I had backed up all my information the night before…

Letters To The Editor For April 18th

This week:

  • WritersWeekly Saves Reader $3K
  • World’s Worst Book Proposals
  • Selling Stock Photos
  • Kudos!
  • Angela’s Paranoia – Children Who Are Choking
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