Welcome Home, Mason!!!

Last Wednesday, I woke up at 4:30 a.m. with a somewhat painful contraction. Since I’d had three weeks of off and on contractions, I didn’t give it much thought…

Angela’s Happy This Didn’t Happen To Her!

I went 5, count them, 5 weeks past my due date. I blew up like Buddha, I couldn’t reach the bottom of my sinks , they were rather deep, unless I turned sideways and I had to eat in a big chair balancing my plate on my stomach. Believe it or not, this too will pass.
Peace and Love,

Best Place To See Your Byline? On A Check! By Star Lawrence

Best Place To See Your Byline? On A Check! By Star Lawrence

In my previous spew concerning sites that offer to place your blog entries in publications to give you more “exposure,” I indicated that I was not comfortable with the concept of opportunists feeding off my carcass without benefit of compensation.
But, since this write-for-free debate is such a tired standby, I sighed and said maybe I was becoming the crab on the block. What do you think? I asked. My mailbox overflowed!

Hourly Rate Or Flat Fee?

I’ve been approached by a medical communications company to look over a four-page word document on a type of surgery, rework the copy/edit and add my “own stamp to it.” They plan to use it on a web site. However, the company would like to know how much I charge to do this beforehand.
Is it better to give them an hourly rate or flat fee?

Venturing Out By Jacquie McTaggart

How do you use WritersWeekly.com’s paying markets section? Does the magazine’s title and your knowledge (or lack of) of a particular niche determine whether or not you read the guidelines? If you’ve never lived on a ranch and don’t know any cowboys, do you bypass the guidelines for RANGE magazine? Do you dissect and ruminate over every word in Purposeful Women? Sure you do; you’re human.
We all like to write about our areas of expertise, and some of us refuse to tackle anything beyond. What’s the payoff for never leaving our comfort zone? Less challenge, fewer writing assignments, and smaller income. I know what I’m talking about because I’ve been there, done that.

Yes (Sigh), I’m Still Pregnant…

Mason’s due date came and went on Father’s Day. I sure was looking forward to giving Richard the ultimate Father’s Day gift. However, it’s now going to be a bit late.

My Email Was Hijacked…

A fluke occurred a few days ago. Someone sent my friend a bunch of Spam, using MY email address, and he notified me immediately.

Is Your Cover Designer Really a Cover Designer? By Cathi Stevenson

Most people agree that cover design is one of the most important ingredients in marketing a book. Professional book cover design is essential because readers, retailers and reviewers glance at a book for only a few seconds before they make a choice.
Hiring a cover designer can be tricky, though, because there are so many people claiming to be cover designers. It’s difficult to determine who has the skills to get the job done and who does not.

How Long Should I Wait to Submit Elsewhere?

When submitting fillers, how long should I wait without hearing before submitting to another market? Am I under any obligation to tell the first magazine that I am withdrawing the filler and submitting it to another publication?

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