Is Everyone On Vacation This Week??

I’m wallowing in the glow of the firelight (well, the fake flames on our heater), enjoying the snowflakes dancing on the other side of the dark, cold windows, munching on leftovers, and savoring an entire week off with my family. I hope you’re all doing the same!
Happy holiday hugs to all!

MJ Rose Helps Author With “Reel To Market” TV Program Question

I’ve loved your newsletter and website for years — you’re a great authority on the writing life. I have a book coming out in the spring, and my publicist has asked my co-author and I to create a reel to market to TV programs. Have you any suggestions for resources for writers wanting to create such a thing? I have no sense of the necessary production values, how long it should be, format, etc. I have searched and searched and can’t find any information on the web. Any wisdom would be much appreciated — an E-book, an article, a regular book – I’m just seeking some pointers on this. Thanks so much!

I’m Shakin’ My Presents!!

The children are terribly excited about Christmas coming on Sunday and I have to admit their excitement is contagious. I, myself, have a hard time going to sleep at night with visions of sugar plums dancing in my head. And, since I’m pregnant and craving sweets like mad, those sugar plum temptations are quite overwhelming right now!

Should You Consent to an Editing Test? By David H. Levin

Opinions on editing tests vary. Some would place editing in the class of professions that includes medicine, plumbing and haircutting, in which auditions simply aren’t done. Others might consider the acting profession to be a better analogy.

Should I Pay To Enter A Writing Contest?

My question has to do with entry fees to contests. Are they now standard when you see a contest that you might consider entering? I’m slightly confused by that, because essentially isn’t that just another roundabout way of paying to get your writing read or published?

Whispers and Warnings For December 21st

This Week:

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