My aunt died Monday morning, so we’re driving to Indiana, to the town I was born in. I don’t think I’ve been back there since I was a baby. Aunt Barbara was ill for a very long time and I know she’s now kickin’ up a ruckus in Heaven. She was a very talented painter and even though diabetes and a stroke had taken her leg and her speech, she never lost her spunk or her sense of humor. She sent funny emails to us all the time and always cracked me up. She was in a lot of pain last week and I was so sad for her. Though we’ll miss the laughter she always sent our way, I can see her now, just out of the corner of my eye, smiling and dancing in Heaven.
We’re also going to visit my dad’s grave, which I’ve never seen and, since we’ll only be five hours from Richard’s mother’s house…we’re going there as well. So, we’ll be gone for a bit more than a week.
~PLEASE if you love me, don’t send me any condolence emails.~ I’m already flooded with work and the wireless connection can barely handle the load already!
I’m still shaking my head how it takes us months to plan for a vacation, but we can pack and race out the door in an emergency in only two hours! We’re very lucky that our business is travel-friendly.
We’re all fine and the kids are, needless to say, wearing watermelon grins over this impromptu vacation.

Did I Plagiarize?

I use the Internet as well as books and magazines for my research. However, a publisher recently accused me of plagiarism. He pointed me to websites that contained information very similar to mine. Either my notes were too similar to the original articles, or maybe I retained too much of the research material in my memory before sitting down to write. I’m not sure if I plagiarized the works or not. Can you tell me what is and is not plagiarism?


We’re kinda bummed this week because Winter swept in here on the first day of Spring and dumped a few inches of snow. It left behind a bitter wind and frozen toes and fingers. I forgot to turn up the heater last night and it was freeeeeeezing in here this morning! Frank and Max made a great snowman on Saturday, but Frosty melted before the temperatures dropped yesterday afternoon. Poor Max (age 2) just couldn’t figure out what happened and kept looking out the window and saying, “Where snowman?! He go store??”

Real Lawyers Weigh In on Phony Ones

I didn’t realize that attorneys are the single most impersonated professionals! Of course, it is a crime to impersonate an attorney. I not only heard from others who were victims of phony lawyers, but I also heard from four, yes four real attorneys. I was thrilled!

Creative Writing Ideas to Pitch Locally By Debra Johanyak

Creative Writing Ideas to Pitch Locally By Debra Johanyak

All writers want top market prices for their work. But top markets often ask for publishing credits, and how can you get publishing credits without making a sale? Rather than give away your writing to hungry publications that are too new or too poor to pay, sell your work to small or local markets. Commercial sales help to fill your vita with the much-desired publishing credits and provide you with experience in marketing your work and negotiating rights—for profit.

How to Obtain Items in the Public Record

I want to learn more about what is “public record” so that I will have the confidence to walk into city hall or the court house and ask for records. Often times, small town folks who work in these offices don’t even know what the law is and I find myself not educated enough on this matter to push the issue or know where exactly to look for information. I don’t really want to take a law class. Surely there is some place the information is available for writers.

Second Chance on a First Impression By Tequitia R. Andrews

Start local. That’s the advice I received when building my writing portfolio. In 2001, I was new to freelancing, with only a few clips published on the Internet. There were a few newspapers and magazines that I considered writing for in my area and one in particular was a regional parenting magazine that I read regularly.

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