Cat’s Furball Leads to Very Impressive Resume By Felice Prager

Cat’s Furball Leads to Very Impressive Resume By Felice Prager

Before I had kids, I was a public school English teacher for about a decade. I spent my days teaching grammar, spelling, composition, and literature to students in grades ranging from middle school to high school. There were times that the decade felt more like a millennium, but it was who I was and what I did. When my first child was born, I hung up my pointer and whip, and became a full-time parent, only occasionally wondering about the outside world filled with other people’s children.

Short Articles For Fun And Profit… By Behlor Santi

Flip through the latest edition of Writer’s Market, and read what editors want: “Break in by writing short pieces…” “Break in with our department articles…” “Break in with short news articles about our industry…” These days, more editors expect beginning writers to submit short Articles – newsbreaks, book reviews, short humor, anything under 500 or […]


The first children’s book I ever wrote was published. My second submission consisted of an article about my pregnancy. It was purchased and published in the Better Homes & Garden’s New Baby Book. Still, I had serious doubts about quitting my full-time career to become a writer.

How to Novelize Your Life Story or Family History By Pauline Reckentin

How to Novelize Your Life Story or Family History By Pauline Reckentin

Many people say to me, ‘My life would make a fascinating book.’ I always encourage those people to put pen to paper! Stop for a moment and think about the soaps you watch on TV. These are families to whom things are always happening – tragedies, romances and other amazing developments, all within the course […]

Success Means Managing Myself By Lisa B. Samalonis

Although the love of writing as been with me since I was a child, the meaning of success has changed through the years. Early victories included a story in the school newspaper or finishing a draft of my novel , written in girlie scrawl in a blue line, black marble hard cover notebook. Later, it meant degrees in journalism, a job as a magazine editor, and traveling abroad for work.

Seek the Assignment, Not the Sale By Doug Schmidt

Excerpted from How To Land High-Paying Writing Assignments: Insider Secrets to Getting Published – Over and Over Again Imagine that you are an invisible observer at a planning meeting for a national publication. The editors, associates, and assistants are sitting around an oak conference table in comfortable chairs. The room is brightly lit and […]

How I Sold 75 Books in One Day By Roe W. Van Fossen, Author of Dak’s Sisters

After I received my copies of Dak’s Sisters from my publisher,, I approached Schuler’s bookstore in Grand Rapids, Michigan to see about getting some books on their shelves. did a great job getting the book printed and their cover lady, Cathi Stevenson, designed a remarkable cover for me. Seeing the book in print, Schuler’s readily agreed and took ten copies on consignment. Those sold rather quickly, so they took another 10, and then set up a book signing for me for a Saturday.